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What Our Clients Say

And now, a word from our clients!

"I owe many jobs to SIGNAL BOOST! They understood my vision and goals, and very patiently worked through my high-maintenance edits and created a site I’m proud to include in all of my email signatures!"
Former Senior Editor, Grub Street

"SIGNAL BOOST created a professional, unique site that showcased my creativity while also clearly representing the work I do. Alexandra's work has directly booked me more jobs than my old website. She's incredibly kind and creative, and I plan on working with her for all my design needs."
Writer, Actor, Director, Winner of the Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival

"Alexandra does such gorgeous work. I went from having zero internet presence to two gorgeous pages that showcase my work beautifully, and I couldn’t have done any of it it without her eye.  Five stars! This is yelp, right?"
Writer, Producer, Director

"Working with Signal Boost was a dream! Building my first website as a writer, I sent over pages and pages of descriptions, artwork and links--and (Alex) streamlined it all into a website that is clean, gorgeous and easy to navigate. I can't speak highly enough of Alex's knowledge and skill, and also her aesthetic and streamlined taste. Not only that, she was a pleasure to work with!"
Interactive Novelist

"SIGNAL BOOST helped me make a professional website that looks 1000x better than what I had managed to make on my own. Alexandra did a beautiful job very quickly after we discussed my general likes and dislikes.  She’s also helped me with updates, like when I foolishly let my domain lapse. If you want a website, well, what are you even waiting for? Fly to her! Fly to her now!"
Writer, Comedian, Vulture/NYMag Contributor

"SIGNAL BOOST made getting my website up and running (and beautiful) a totally painless process. Alexandra was completely responsive, totally "got" what I was hoping for, and just created a great product for me — one that I can now handle on my own! Best money ever spent, no doubt!"
Writer, Reporter, Editor

"Alexandra is a delight to work with and knew exactly how to translate the ideas in my head into a real, internet-y, gorgeous looking website. She added beautiful design touches and provided great recommendations to make my site feel unique to me. 10/10 would recommend."
Writer & Digital Strategist

Alexandra has designed four websites for me and I’m obsessed. She manages to take a lot of information and distill it into visually-driven pages that are easy to navigate. She works quickly and turns around changes with a great attitude. I love working with her!
Writer & Director

"Without SIGNAL BOOST, I would have a Geocities website and no friends. Alexandra is the best and makes the process a breeze even if you're very lazy. Five stars/hearts/spicy squares."
Writer, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

"Not only did SIGNAL BOOST build me a beautiful, user-friendly site, but Alexandra helped me understand how to update it myself, with none of that tech-bro vibe. She also responds to my manic update requests almost immediately in a calm and gentle manner, which I appreciate on a personal and professional level. "
Author, Chef, Instagram Sensation

"I hired SIGNAL BOOST in a moment of desperation, after having wasted hours of time futilely trying to get my Squarespace site to look and feel the way I wanted. Luckily, Alexandra to the rescue! Somehow she turned my vision—barely an inchoate set of ideas—into something beautiful and totally on-brand. She was even patient as I acted like my own worst version of an "editor"—nitpicking small, ultimately irrelevant details—and helped propose creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable uX requests. Best of all, she thoroughly explained how to update the site on my own when it was all set, and I've successfully done that a number of times since. I couldn't more highly recommend SIGNAL BOOST!"
Writer, Digital Strategist

""Alexandra's design for my online portfolio is so bold and fresh, I feel like it almost oversells my own capabilities as a writer. I couldn't be more pleased with the end result."
Music & Culture Journalist

"SIGNAL BOOST made the hard parts about making a website go away and the easy parts fun. Plus, my website looks beautiful and elegant now. Don't be stupid, use SIGNAL BOOST...actually, even if you are stupid you should use SIGNAL BOOST because stupid people can't make good websites, but SIGNAL BOOST can."

"SIGNAL BOOST is the s**t. Working with them was a dream — they're efficient, kind, and on point with design. I've made two websites with them now, and wish I had something else to make a website for so I can work with them again. That's how good they are."
Writer & Director

"SIGNAL BOOST helped me create the website of my dreams! Alex was so communicative and she really understood my vision and needs. The process was super quick and easy, and she’s always there to help if I run into any trouble maintaining the site myself (which is rare because it’s so easy to use!). I’d recommend Signal Boost to all my friends, and even my enemies, because no one deserves a bad website. "
Makeup Artist

Working with Alexandra on my website was a delight. She carefully and patently helped me organize an overall structure, and then synthesized my disparate design ideas into a beautiful and functional website. I highly recommend her!